Why do I feel like I have no willpower? 
How can I get back in control of my eating habits?
What do I do once I quit dieting? 
How do I stop being all or nothing?
Why can’t I make healthy choices even though I want to?
How do I actually listen to my body?
How do I keep chocolate biscuits in my kitchen without
thinking about them all day?

So many valid questions.

Here’s the thing, I know there are heaps of women who want guidance with
their food challenges but aren’t able to commit to long term 1:1 coaching.

So I’ve created something to help:

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This one-time 60-minute deep dive session will give you the laser coaching you
need to gain a clear picture of what’s really going on for you when it comes to eating challenges
and food stress.

We’ll identify what’s underneath your challenge with food, everything that’s contributing to it and
strategies moving forward to help you achieve the effortless, eating-like-a-normal-eater food freedom you desire.


“Jess takes the focus away from food and towards the “why”. She is caring,
compassionate and really got to the root cause of my issues with food.”

Bridget J, Adelaide

By the end of the 60 minute session you can typically expect to gain…

…a new sense of clarity around what’s been troubling you with food
…relief, after realising that you are in fact are not crazy with food, you don’t have a willpower problem and you aren’t broken
…a shift in perspective, you’ll no doubt continue to have lots of ‘ah-ha!” moments days after our session together
…confidence as you move forward knowing you have a clear action plan and real life strategies

What’s included?

+ Pre-session questionnaire
+ 60 minute laser coaching session online
+ Audio recording of the call
+ A personalised action plan moving forward

The details:

+ The session runs for 60 minutes
+ We’ll connect via online video conference
+ Once you make your payment you will
receive an email from me within 24 hours which
will contain information on booking a session
time and your pre-session questionnaire.


“My favourite part about Jess’s coaching was how easy she was to talk to.
Her comments, feedback and homework were insightful, practical
and whilst sometimes challenging, I could absolutely see how this
work would benefit me. The coaching was so fantastic,
I wish that I did it in my late teens/early twenties – life would
have been different for me now! However, it is never too
late to start.  Jess was very empathetic, practical and inspiring.
Thanks to her coaching, I feel like I have been opened up to a
whole new way of thinking and would highly recommend it!”

Kate D, Sydney

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