Treat your next meal like Monday


Perspective is a wonderful, magical thing. Looking at something from another angle can completely change how you feel about it. So let’s try a new perspective on something that has gotten the better of most of us at least once in our lives.

Have you ever declared to start a diet or just get back on track with your healthy eating on Monday? Then once that’s decided you can pig out until then? Or have you at least eaten something not so healthy and felt so guilty that you think the day is ruined so you may as well keep going for it. Why do we talk ourselves into this?!

A few years ago, without realising, I use to have a weekend diet. I would eat healthily all week then come the weekend it was like whatever I ate or drank didn’t matter. My body new it was the weekend so I could just get away with it, right? I wish! I had it in my head that if I had anything indulgent on the weekend the whole thing was messed up and that I may as well wait to start again on that magical day, Monday.

What if we decided that every meal was Monday? So every meal was a fresh start. Doesn’t that take the pressure off already?! You could decide to take that fresh start feeling that you get on a Monday morning and just channel it into your next meal.

Why can’t your next meal be a fresh start?

Now when I have something indulgent I know I will be right back on track the next time I eat. I don’t feel the need to keep finding more bad food to eat to comfort and punish myself all at the same twisted time. It just takes practise at seeing it in a new way. Of course old thought patterns come up; ‘Well, you’ve screwed it Jess. May as well eat the house.’ But it’s about quickly catching yourself and deciding that you can think something different. Because actually, it’s not a screw up, you simply ate some ‘sometimes’ food (as I like to call it) and your body can handle that. You can chose to continue on with your healthy eating from there.

Look at it this way, if you got a little scratch on your iPhone would you smash it against a brick wall until it broke? I didn’t think so! 



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