The reason I’m obsessed with positive body image


There is a reason I’m so obsessed with positive body image. And it’s not just because loving your body is the right thing to do. 

But first I have to be honest with you, I used to strongly dislike positive body image posts, articles and campaigns.

It would stir a lot up in me and most of the time I would think;

As if! I can’t accept this body! If I do love myself the way I am right now I will lose all control, eat everything in sight, never want to exercise and gain 101kgs.


Can you relate?

In the past, as you might know, I was SO excited by nutrition and recipe creating. The majority of what I shared online was recipes and nutrition related articles. I even thought I was going to become a nutritionist or naturopath.

And while I still love nutrition, I began to move away from it and focus more on women’s relationship with food and their bodies. I realised you can drink all the cold pressed juice and eat all the organic bliss balls in the universe, but if you hate your body and are living in self judgement around food, you won’t be glowing with health, and you won’t be feeling good. 

I remember thinking to myself;

I want to help women with emotional eating and feeling more relaxed around food, but it’s not going to be all ‘love your body’ mushy stuff.

(I’m now eating my words.)

That’s because back then I was still scared of body love. To let go of my control over food? Ha! No way. 

As it turns out, letting go of controlling food is the best thing ever. Because it’s highly likely that whatever you are trying to control is actually controlling you. 


Fast forward to now and the majority of what I share is very much, “Love Your Body.”

I don’t just spread body positivity for the sake of it or because it’s the thing you ‘should’ do. 


The reason I am obsessed with positive body image is because I know that loving your body is key to having a healthy relationship with food.

And in the past, all I wanted to be was a normal, relaxed eater! I was tired of feeling obsessed, constricted, stressed and fearful around food, so I gave in and began to accept my body just as it was, right then and there. 


(And now I’m obsessed with spreading the same message so you can understand the same sweet freedom.)

I get that accepting and loving your body is no easy task. You can’t just say to someone love your body! and boom they love it. I know it’s not that simple. It takes practise to keep coming back to unconditional acceptance. The practise is ongoing.  

To me body love is acting as if you already have the body you desire now and treating it accordingly.

How would you treat your perfect body?

Try this exercise: grab a pen and paper and make a list of how you would treat your perfect body. Then go over that list and start doing those things now!

You deserve to live that way now. 

Before I go I want to remind you there is no wrong way to have a body. Who told you there was? Seriously question that.

Take a nice deep breath, you’ve got this! 



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Jessica Silsby helps women overcome their eating and body challenges image so that they regain their sanity around food and feel free in their bodies. 

 After years of yo-yo dieting and battling with emotional eating, Jess healed her relationship with food and a passion was born to help others do the same. She went on to study at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating where she discovered holistic approaches to help women make peace with their food issues, once and for all.





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  1. Well said Jessica – such a great, authentic, inspiring article. I love the woman and coach you’ve become and your message is such an important one! Well done lovely. Off to share now because so many need to read this and know they’re not alone. xx

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