The hardest thing when you’re trying to lose weight is…


… surrendering to where you are right now in your journey and loving yourself through the whole process.

It’s the beginning of the year. Gyms will be buzzing, detoxes embarked on and many a ‘this year I’m losing the weight’ resolutions will be made.

I think the hardest part of all this is just flowing along with the whole process. Not looking in the mirror and saying to ourselves WHY HAVEN’T YOU LOST MORE WEIGHT YET. Not declaring ourselves as horrible and repeating we’re not good enough. Not promising to start loving ourselves when we weigh X or fit into size X.

How can we expect to get into great shape with these kind of self berating, negative mind chatter thoughts? We can’t hate ourselves into shape. It will be a long and painful process. And even if you do lose 20 kilos you still won’t be happy with all these negative, unworthy, self loathing thoughts. Trust me, I know!

I’ve mentioned it a few times here now that I’m getting my head around balanced eating and living. I’m breaking the cycle of restriction followed by guilt ridden, self-sabotaging over eating. Even when I had lost the weight I still didn’t like myself. I only saw the things that I didn’t like because that is the mindset I practised for so long. And as a result of this way of living in the past I feel like I’m dealing with the consequences: being heavier than my ideal weight and having to change my whole mindset about healthy eating. It’s pretty confronting. Not to mention so tempting to go back to my old ways that feel so comfortable. But I’m 100% certain I can do it. And I’m 100% certain you can do it too.

So how can we inject a little love into the process? I love this description that Louise Hay gives when it comes to change and loving ourselves at the same time.

‘Think for a moment of a tomato plant. A healthy plant can have more than a hundred tomatoes on it. In order to get this tomato plant with all these tomatoes on it, we need to start with a small dried seed. When the first little tiny shoot comes up, you don’t stomp on it and say, “That’s not a tomato plant.” Rather, you look at it and say, “Oh boy! Here it comes,” and you watch it grow with delight. It is the same with creating a new experience for yourself.’

This is such a powerful reminder that we need to love and encourage ourselves while we are changing. Continuing to focus forward and appreciate the fact that we are making healthier choices is detrimental.

More things you can do to love yourself into a healthier weight:

  • Stop picking on yourself. Has it ever worked for you? Didn’t think so. Time to start a new approach. Treat yourself like your best friend.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Remember in science experiments when you couldn’t compare certain things because there were too many variables? I see people like this too. It’s impossible to compare and a waste of energy. Focus on you.
  • Praise yourself. Look at the awesome healthy changes you are making! Look at your effort to take care of yourself. Isn’t that amazing?! Praise everything about you, the big things as well as the small.
  • Don’t take it so seriously. So you want to lose some weight? No biggie. Stay on track and it will happen. Isn’t it funny how we can get so caught up in the drama of it? Just relax and remember to have fun.

I think it’s time to be concious of these things. Ask yourself, is your eating and exercise coming from self loathing and fear? Or is it coming from utter love and respect for yourself.  I know which one I’m committing too.

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