Treat your next meal like Monday

Perspective is a wonderful, magical thing. Looking at something from another angle can completely change how you feel about it. So let’s try a new perspective on something that has gotten the better of most of us at least once in our lives. Have you ever declared to start a diet or just get back … READ MORE

I followed my heart. And was scared sh*tless.

It’s the old tug of war between our heart and our head thing. How many times do we go through this? It’s a tough choice because you feel so strongly in your heart what you want, but your mind convinces you of all the bad things that could happen if you do. Recently I had … READ MORE

You can have the chocolate cake, just consider these 4 things first.

I’ve mentioned before how I’m recovering from self diagnosed ‘all or nothing’ eating syndrome. I would be really super strict and soon would follow a day or month or season of reckless ‘we’ll I’ve screwed that up, may as well eat the house now too’ eating. Depending on how long my restrictive eating would last the opposite … READ MORE

How to Deal When Negative People Annoy You

Do you ever get caught up in a conversation with someone who is ranting to you about everything difficult, unfair and miserable in their life? You know what you’re in for when you see this person; a draining conversation that sucks you into their doom. Wow, sounds dramatic. But you’ve been there, right? When I first … READ MORE

“I’ll Be Happy When…”

image source Lately I’ve been feeling a little bit stuck. Feeling like I’m not doing what I want to be doing. I’m not achieving what I want to achieve. I’m not moving forward. It can feel frustrating and overwhelming. But then I read something inspiring, listen to something positive and get a kick up the … READ MORE

The Reason Why Your Emotional Eating is a Good Thing

  A lot of people would describe themselves as emotional eaters. It has this negative shameful thing to it, like if we emotionally eat it must mean we can’t control ourselves and we’re failures. We get down on ourselves and feel guilty about if for days after. What if I said it wasn’t a bad … READ MORE