The BIGGEST lie on the planet

  Diets are seductive. Fact. No matter how much you already know that, diets still have a sneaky way of drawing you in. They entice you with their too-good-to-be-true promises and all of a sudden you find yourself writing down your new eating plan and fantasising about how great life will be when you’re a lighter version of yourself.So what … READ MORE

The reason I’m obsessed with positive body image

  There is a reason I’m so obsessed with positive body image. And it’s not just because loving your body is the right thing to do.  But first I have to be honest with you, I used to strongly dislike positive body image posts, articles and campaigns. It would stir a lot up in me and … READ MORE

There’s no such thing as bad food

For as long as I can remember, I would describe most food as either good or bad. That’s pretty normal right? So I thought, until one day my bestie caught me out. She said: Stop. It’s just food, stop saying good food bad food.I couldn’t quite get my mind around defining food in any other way at … READ MORE

3 things I learnt from gaining 15kgs

You might not be aware of how this whole thing happened. This body love, peaceful eating passion of mine.  For many years I attempted to control my weight through radical diets and extreme detoxing. My motivation was ‘get skinny to get dancing work”. My passion was dancing from a young age and I wanted to … READ MORE

7 Ways To Feel Lighter Without Dieting

A common complaint I hear from women is “I feel really heavy.” They want to feel lighter, bouncy and good in their skin. Who doesn’t?! A common misconception to follow is that you have to diet to lose weight to feel lighter.  I am 100% on board with making adjustments to your daily eating, changes that … READ MORE

I still emotionally eat.

I’ve experienced some hard core emotional eating periods in the past. I’ve totally numbed out and ran away from my feelings, all by pushing them down with everything and anything edible in sight.  I’ve not known what to do or how to stop or where to begin.  So the fact that I can now co-exist … READ MORE

What is Better Than a New Years Resolution? This.

Image by Jo Klimer At the beginning of every year, I love love love dreaming big, setting goals and listing things I’d like to achieve. But at the start of 2014, I stumbled across something different and it felt really good. A new way to set yourself up for the year.    Pick a word. One word for the … READ MORE

Why I’m not detoxing this January

Tis the season to… detox! Can you feel it in the air? Christmas is over, January is here and everywhere you look there are detox programs and juice cleanses waiting for you jump on board.  While I do love the good vibes of the new year and the collective motivation to take our health up … READ MORE

Are you waiting on the weight?

So, I have a question for you. And it’s one that you’re going to ask yourself.   If you’re wanting to lose weight, I think it’s a seriously important question because you might not even be aware you’re doing this! After you’ve watched the vid, leave me a comment below telling me one thing you are … READ MORE

The biggest mistake I made trying to lose weight.

I have a question for you: Is it a contradiction to love your body AND try to change it at the same time?Here’s what I think: NO.  Here’s what I used to think: YES.  How could I love my body now when I want to change it?!  The thing I didn’t realise was the two are … READ MORE

4 Things Your Diet is Fooling You With

No matter how many times we are told that diets are a short term solution and that you will more than likely gain the weight back on after, we STILL fall for them. If you met me 2 years ago you would NOT think I would be speaking about all of this today. I myself wouldn’t have believed … READ MORE

“YOU CAN’T EAT THAT… You’re healthy.”

These were the words I feared other people saying if I was to ever stray from my healthy eating in front of them. I use to think perfection = health. And if I had a reputation for healthy eating, then I better be bloody perfect in front of everyone. Now, I know that the word healthy has … READ MORE

The reason I didn’t want to be a nutritionist.

I always knew that when I was finished dancing I would move into something to do with health and wellbeing. Because of my passion for healthy food I was 100% certain I would become a nutritionist. (And so did everyone else I believe.) I wanted to teach people how good you can feel just by … READ MORE

4 Reasons why you should NEVER step on a scale again.

When I was working on cruise ships as a dancer we use to have weekly weigh-ins.  At the beginning of every cruise (right before our safety boat drill with the passengers) we’d meet our dance captain in our dressing room and jump on the scales one at a time. Our weight would be recorded and … READ MORE

Is giving into cravings a bad thing?

At the end of last year I declared I was giving up coffee. I was only having one organic weak coffee per day but I still felt like it was causing stress and anxiety. I found minor stresses being amplified by caffeine. I was excited to give it up and feel clear, relaxed and grounded. … READ MORE

Diets are SO last year.

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a collective awareness growing about healthy living and eating happening right now? It is inspiring! Even so, I still seem to hear of people on diets. We are told over and over: Diets don’t work. Diets don’t work. Diets don’t work. Yet we’re still lured into … READ MORE