If You’re Stressing About Overeating This Christmas…

You may or may not agree with me on this, but I believe it’s nearly impossible to not overeat during the silly season.

With the amount of Christmas parties, family gatherings and social outings, how could it not be?!

The thing is the more you try and control yourself around food the more you’re actually setting yourself up for disaster. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, attempting to tightly control yourself around food always leads to self sabotage.




Feel bad.



So this year, why don’t you let loose a little and cut yourself some slack? Stop stressing so much about every little thing you eat. As I like to say: care, but not too much.

And in case you’re thinking ‘but that’s so unhealthy!’ – nope, I’m not endorsing living off mince tarts and rum balls. All I’m saying is let’s face it, we’re all probably going to overeat. It’s not just you, it’s everyone.

The way I see it is you have two options. You can overeat and feel bad then beat yourself up about it OR you can overeat, enjoy what it was then let it go and move on.

It’s the negative, punishing thoughts after we overeat that do more damage than the overeating itself.

When you beat yourself up you for eating more than you normally do, you literally lock yourself up in mind prison. You start to obsess about food and what you’ve eaten. You go over and over it, start to feel overwhelmed and very likely end up eating more because of all the stress!

So instead of having to endure that self-inflicted torture, be kind to yourself! What would you say to your best friend if she was beating herself up for eating too much? (Now say that to yourself.)

Whenever I feel like I’m about to go down the rabbit hole of stressing about something I ate I zoom out and take a look at the bigger picture.

Is Christmas really about worrying you ate too much? I don’t think so.

It’s about spending time with your loved ones, watching Christmas movies (Love Actually anyone?!), slowing down, connecting, laughing, reminicning, telling stories, watching the little ones light up with excitement, baking, being a bit lazy….

So please take this as your official permission to celebrate food with your family and friends. Not that you need it from me. But hey, maybe you need the reminder.

This Christmas gift yourself the freedom of not stressing or feeling guilty about anything you eat.

And if you find yourself about to go down the shame and guilt rabbit hole after your Christmas dinner, repeat this affirmation to yourself. Say it as many times as possible:

It’s safe for me to relax and enjoy Christmas.

Merry Christmas!



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