Diets are SO last year.


Is it just me, or does there seem to be a collective awareness growing about healthy living and eating happening right now? It is inspiring!

Even so, I still seem to hear of people on diets. We are told over and over: Diets don’t work. Diets don’t work. Diets don’t work. Yet we’re still lured into their promises of flat stomachs and supermodel bods in a matter of days.

But wait they do work. You do lose weight. These are the thoughts that use to pop into my head many moons ago. I didn’t care what happened in the long run I want to be skinny now.

So when we say diets don’t work, we mean, diets don’t keep you in shape long term. And you don’t just want to be fit and feeling good for that one event or holiday you were dieting for. You want to be fit and feeling good always right!?

Did you know one popular weight loss program actually relies on return customers! If diets worked you would only have to do them once.

Let’s drum this home. Why diets don’t work:

  1. It’s a temporary way of living that is usually highly restrictive and unsustainable. And guess what’s right around the corner from your restrictive diet, self sabotage in the form of binging or over eating. You can smell the yo-yo effect already!
  2. Your body freaks out if your suddenly drastically reducing the amount of food your eating. It goes into starvation mode and makes the most of every little calorie you put into it. How does it do that? It protects your fat stores and uses muscle for fuel instead. So that means your losing muscle. The less muscle you have = the lower your metabolism is.
  3. It takes the pleasure out of eating! Hunger pangs become something that make you annoyed at yourself rather than an indicator that it’s time to refuel. When we enjoy food we eat slow, our digestion works better, our body can process the food and we feel satiated (which is probably the most important thing in all of this.) Without feeling satisfied we will probably find ourselves overeating later on.

It’s time to admit it once and for all: Diets don’t work! We need to create lifestyles that will nourish us instead. With the millions of different eating rules, guidelines and suggestions out there it is easy to get overwhelmed. So if you are confused, just eat real food. Eat whole foods, fresh, local and organic where possible. Food that is a close to nature as possible. Our bodies love real food. They make us feel good. They give us the glow.

So ditch your diet! Healthy is a way of life, not a two week stint. Take a deep breath. Trust your body to do it’s thing while you focus on nourishing it, not punishing it. 

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