You’re aching for... escape from binge eating

...relief, sanity and freedom in your eating habits

...unwavering trust in yourself around food


I see you.

The thing is you’re an intelligent gal.

You’ve got your smarts about you when it comes to eating well.

You know (more than) a thing or two when it comes to nutrition.

So where did this binge eating situation come from, right?! More importantly, how do you break free?

It’s frustrating.

It’s exhausting.

And you feel embarrassed... (it’s actually nothing to be embarrassed about, but I know the feels.)


My name is Jess and I’m here to show you how to break free from binge eating, once and for all.

I teach wellness seeking women, like you, how to keep choc chip cookies in their homes without being haunted by them (then quickly eating the whole packet just so they're gone).



How do I know you so well?  

I was you.

I was a professional dancer who was born without a “dancer's body” (whatever that means). This belief took me on a 15 year journey of every diet the world has ever seen.

My eating style was emotional, all-or-nothing, chaotic and stressful. But the biggest challenge I faced was out of control binge eating.

I was the girl that...

+ was uncomfortably full yet deeply unsatisfied.

+ was weighed down by confusion, guilt, shame and fear of being found out.

+ baked a birthday cake for a friend, only to end up eating the whole thing myself (and not even enjoying it). Then had to quickly bake another one to replace it.

Believe me - I know exactly what you are going through.

This is what lit the fire within me to help women who feel stuck the a cycle of binge eating. It’s what led me to study at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and to now work 1:1 with women who are craving freedom from binge eating too.



"Jess takes the focus away from food and towards the "why". She is caring, compassionate and really got to the root cause of my issues with food."

Bridget J, Adelaide



By working with me you will learn how to:

+ Look deeper into your binge eating and see it with the fresh eyes you need to overcome it.

+ Gain a sense of freedom and peace around your eating habits.

+ Feel relaxed and at ease with your food choices rather than every meal feeling stressful.

+ Discontinue the thought processes that have you obsessing over food all day, every day. 

+ Become the normal, relaxed eater you've imagined is only possible for other people. (It's oh so possible for YOU.)   


This is a safe place that will feel like a conversation with a friend. I have been through this and I understand the vulnerability it can take to open up about your food stuff (p.s. high five for just being here to read these words). What we discuss, workshop, wrestle with and cheer about in these sessions is all shared in a space that is safe, nurturing, open and private.


The one-on-one 5 month program includes:

+ 1 x 90 Minute Exploration Kickstart Session.

+ 9 x 60 Minute Coaching Sessions.

+ Audio recordings of each session.

+ Accountability and personalised assignments (the fun kind!)

+ Additional support in between sessions via text. Direct from my phone to yours.

+ Individualised resources and worksheets to keep forever.




"Jess creates a safe space where I can share things about myself and not feel judged, even things I'd never shared with anyone before. Thanks to my private coaching, my relationship with food has improved, my general mood is happier and I've realised just how much body shaming goes on in my everyday life. I recommend Jess if you want to sort out your food, body and head issues."

Lisa, Sydney




What we'll cover:

Element One
Make Friends With Food

Learn why you need to call a ceasefire on the war on food, and how to actually do that. This is essential for breaking free from binge eating.
I’ll help you see all the subtle ways in which you’re fighting food and why that leads to self sabotage. You’ll learn all my best techniques to instantly shift the way you feel around food.

Element Two
Discover The Truth

You’ve ingested some pretty toxic nutritional beliefs thanks to diet culture and media manipulation. So in this element I’ll help you identify them and simultaneously bust right through them. You’ll feel empowered as you start to see your challenges with food in a whole new light. (Hint: one that supports you and helps keep binge eating at bay.)

Element Three
Embody the "Normal Eater"

I’ll teach you the simple mindset shifts that make a normal eater, a normal eater. You’ll feel so much safer around food that you’ll be able to start keeping chocolate in your house, with zero fear of binging on it.

Element Four
Rediscover Your Magic

You’ll learn why pleasure and play is an important component for breaking free from binge eating. We’ll explore what lights you up and what in your life has been neglected while all of your energy has been taken up by trying not to binge. It’s time to rediscover your magic.

Element Five
Heal Body Hate

Yes doll, we’re going to go there. Because honestly, if you’re not facing your body stuff, your challenges around food ain’t gonna shift. I’ll teach you how society’s beauty standards and the media’s manipulation have contributed to how you feel about your body. We’ll have some eye opening conversations and you’ll quickly see that healing how you feel in your own skin isn’t so scary after all.

Element Six
Become Your Own Guru

I know by this element you’ll have made some seriously big transformations, but this is an ongoing journey. So I’m not going to send you back out into the world unarmed. You’ll exit this one-on-one program equiped with your own tool kit so you can continue to support yourself.

The investment is $449 per month for 5 months. A discount is available when you pay upfront in full.

What's the next step?

If you're feeling the pull to join my Break Free From Binge Eating 1:1 Program, the first step is to apply for a complimentary consultation.

That way we can discuss the support you desire and need, answer any questions you might have and see if my coaching is the right fit for you.

I can’t wait to get to know you! I'm seriously excited to help you see how possible it is to move from food chaos and right towards food freedom.




PS Imagine just how life changing it would be to really break free from binge eating. For good. Finito. Finished. Over. Bliss.

PPS Below are some frequently asked questions...

"I just can't even begin to tell you how wonderful your message is!  Thank you from the very bottom of my heart."

Kim H

"I love Jess’ simple and down to earth way of dealing with food challenges. It’s positive, doable and puts into words what you know but just can't seem to do."

Janeen J

"You have changed my life Jess. Thank you for your incredible work!"

Olivia R

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the sessions held?
All sessions are held online over Skype video. So it doesn't matter where in the world you are!  

Why 5 months?
As much as I wish your challenges with food could be resolved in an hour, it's just not realistic! 10 sessions over 5 months allows us to make solid progress and lasting changes. It gives you the chance to implement the work we do together out in the real world, all while I'm still be your side supporting you and cheering you on.

How much is the program?
The investment is $449 per month, for 5 months. A discount is available when you pay in full upfront.
You'll receive 10 x one-on-one personalised sessions with me, additional text support in between sessions, accountability, assignments and resources that are yours to keep forever.

Ready to roll? Click the button below to apply for a complimentary consultation with me.