Becoming An Affiliate

The Medicinal Meal Plans


Thanks so much for expressing interest in becoming a Medicinal Meal Plan Affiliate! 

We’re stoked you feel these products will be of use and benefit the health of your tribe, followers or subscribers and we’d be oh-so pleased to reimburse you for sharing the MMP vision. 

The General Info On Being An Affiliate:

:: Affiliate commission for all Medicinal Meal Plan Books is 40%. 

:: Your affiliate link has a 5 day expiry. This means someone directed to the store using your unique affiliate code can purchase a product within a 5 day period and you will still receive your affiliate commission. 

:: Affiliate payout occurs on a monthly basis at the beginning of the month, with all money earned delivered directly into your nominated PayPal account. 

:: Once promoting with your affiliate link, ensure you log back into your affiliate area regularly to track your visits and sales (we are currently unable to trigger an email confirmation of sale).

The Nitty Gritty Details for Creating Your Affiliate Account:  

1. The good news is, signing up as an affiliate only requires you to fill out the simple form at the bottom of this page and generate your unique affiliate code. Read through these points below in their entirety first so you don’t miss out on the crucial info needed to correctly sign up:

2. PLEASE ensure you tick the “Accept Terms and Conditions” box before creating your account, to prevent the page refreshing and wiping your details. If this occurs, simply enter your details again, tick the box and your application will be accepted. 

3. During sign up you will create a username and password, so keep these details handy so you can easily access your private affiliate account in the future. 

4. Upon completing the form below, you will be immediately accepted as an affiliate, and your affiliate menu screen should appear (you will not receive email confirmation of your account creation).

5. Your affiliate menu screen will contain the following headings:

    a. Affiliate URLs
       i. This is where your unique affiliate code is generated. 


       ii. It will automatically have the affiliate link set to direct people to my homepage, so please enter the ‘The Medicinal Meal Plans’ URL to direct people straight to the shop. 


           1. Copy and paste into the “Page URL” box and hit “Generate URL” .


           2. This will generate your “Referral URL”, which will be your unique affiliate code. 


       iii. Copy this code and record it somewhere. 


       iv. Link this code into your posts or promotions to send people direct to the store via your personal affiliate link. 


    b. Statistics

       i. Will show you metrics on affiliate sales, volume and money earned

    c. Graphs

       i. Will again show statistics in graph form 

    d. Visits

       i. Will track the amount of visits via your affiliate code and the outcome of their visit 


    e. Creatives

       i. This section houses promotional graphics for you to download and use in your marketing of the ebooks. Please download whatever you wish to use. 


    f. Settings

       i. Here you can change the email address that is associated with your payment, so please ensure this is updated if your PayPal email changes. 

Good luck! And let us know if we can be of any assistance in the way of your marketing efforts of the e-books by sending me an email at  

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