All The Ways You’re Still On A Diet (But Don’t Realise)

P I N   T H I S !


When I first declared that I would never ever diet again, I was wrong.

I mean, I definitely meant it when I said it. I was sick of it. I was done. I had just come out of a super restrictive diet (which led me to gain heaps of weight) and I just couldn’t face doing it all again.

But there I was weeks later, working through all my food stuff with my coach, trying to navigate my way in this new diet free way of eating, and I was still dieting. (Only I had no idea.)

You see I had this really strong pull to detox…

Me rationalising in my head:

“No it’s totally all just for health, I just want to feel good, I just feel like I need a break for indulgent food.”

Even though I couldn’t admit it at the time, deep down my number one motivation for doing the detox was weight loss. 


Then a couple of months after that, I found myself getting really interested in all things paleo.

Me rationalising in my head:

“Look I just think it’s the “right” way to eat. It’s just making so much sense to me right now. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.”

I THEN remember walking around a supermarket doing my food shop and there were bread samples on display. I started to freak out.

“Oh no, I really want to try that but I can’t because it’s not paleo and I don’t want to fail at this and I can’t believe I’ve got no willpower and what’s wrong with me and I’m such a disgrace and I suck.”

*Face palm*


Dieting isn’t just a physical act, it’s a mindset.

Yep. As much as I declared I wouldn’t diet, my dieting mindset was still really dominant, and I was being easily seduced by diets in disguise.

I didn’t even know diet mindset was a thing! And that’s why I had no idea I was still finding ways to sneakily cling onto guidelines or a plan or rules around food. It just felt comfortable. (By the way, there is a free mini guide for you to download at the end of this post. Inside are 4 effective tips which will help you start shifting diet mindset.)

So how do you know if you’re dieting without even realising?

I see this with the majority of my clients. They are seasoned dieters. When they were younger they followed more obvious diets, the kind of diets that you would hear the name of and think, yes that is a diet.

Then as the years went by, they become more nutritionally sophisticated. They learnt more about food. So the ways of eating that were attractive to them were diets in disguise. They may appear to be more responsible ways to eat, but they are still diets.




(This might piss you off at first, but just take a second to think about it.)

Anything that introduces rules and a sense of getting it right or wrong around food, is a diet.

So lovely, are you still on a diet?

You’ve got to honestly answer this question if you truly want to feel free around food. It’s not enough to stop physically dieting, you have to work on your mindset around food to truly find freedom. 

Now, don’t worry if the answer is yes. I’m not going to leave you hanging on this! I’ve created a free mini guide for you to help you start radically shifting diet mindset. There are 4 powerful tips to get you started. Let me know where I can send it below.


Jess xo







Jessica Silsby is an Eating Psychology Coach, reformed fad dieter and peaceful eater.

She teaches women the real reasons they feel out of control around food, so they stop stressing and obsessing about their eating habits and finally feel free.

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