Affiliate Terms and Conditions of Service

Affiliate Terms and Conditions of Service 

1. Please ensure you fully understand and agree to the terms of use and service prior to signing up as an affiliate

2. As an affiliate, it is expected you promote and market any products created or co-created by Jessica Silsby with integrity and comply with all local and national laws applicable to you. 

3. You are over 18 years of age. 

4. Jessica Silsby of Awaken Your Wellbeing reserves the right to refuse or deactivate any affiliate account that is driving sales or traffic back to Awaken Your Wellbeing without notification or rationale to the affiliate. 

5. Any persons conducting promotions not in alignment with Jessica Silsby’s views of integrity, honesty and positivity will be removed from the affiliate program an ineligible for any recognition, commission or compensation. 

6. Any promotions deemed inappropriate will be ineligible for any recognition, commission or compensation. 

    a. Inappropriate promotions refers to promotions containing:

        1. Explicit, sexual or violent material

        2. Material that is unlawful

        3. Material that involves discrimination on any level to any group of people

        4. Contains copyright material 

        5. Promotes illegal activity 

7. Be guided by honest and your ethics when promoting material, keep the vibe positive and come from a place of service and assistance when promoting affiliate material 

8. Do not spam or send unsolicited email to people containing affiliate material created by Jessica Silsby. 

9. No guaranteed level of earning or income will be stated or promised. 

10. Affiliate percentage commission will be dictated by each product, and will be stated clearly upon signing up as an affiliate. 

11. A valid PayPal email address must be supplied in order for affiliate commission payout to occur. It is your responsibility to supply a correct and valid email address to do this.  

12. Jessica Silsby will take every measure to ensure commissions are accurately tracked and paid, but will not be held responsible for any technical difficulties, uncontrolled events, third party issues or actions of other affiliates that negatively influence the tracking or payment of your affiliate commission.  

13. Jessica Silsby will not be held liable or responsible or any direct, indirect, accidental or special consequential loss of revenue or profit for affiliates that result from an affiliates participation in any promotion. 

14. Jessica Silsby will provide all affiliates with a link that directs back to the products available to earn a commission from a link with promotional material in the form of graphics, banners or text. 

15. Affiliates may only use their uniquely generated link to promote material created by Jessica Silsby. 

16. Affiliates may not publish their unique link on websites that they do not own or control. 

17. Spamming of your affiliate link outside of your website, social media, email list will be considered a violation of promoting with integrity and you will be removed as an affiliate. 

18. Do not use illegal or unethical means to generate traffic or referral commissions. 

19. Affiliates MAY NOT use their own affiliate link to purchase products through, and will be removed as an affiliate with no commission paid out to affiliate by Jessica Silsby. 

20. Do not undertake an activity or action that would confuse your affiliate relationship with Jessica Silsby / Awaken Your Wellbeing, and make who is hosting or running a website ambiguous or unclear.

21. By becoming an affiliate, you are not a partner or employee of Jessica Silsby.

22. Affiliate may not disclose, distribute, share, copy, adapt, alter, duplicate or part with any confidential information of Jessica Silsby.

23. All affiliates agree to fully indemnify Claire Murray of Claire Murray Naturopathy from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses which an affiliate may be subject to incur in connect with any promotion or commission. 

24. All terms and conditions of the affiliate relationship with Jessica Silsby can only be modified or altered by Jessica Silsby.

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