A Different Kind of New Year Makeover

From where I stood a few years ago, having a good relationship with food seemed like an impossible dream. I never thought I would be able to describe myself as a natural, relaxed eater, like I do today.

And the idea of ever liking my body? Pfft! That seemed way too far fetched.

I thought I would like it once I lost weight. But after losing (then gaining) weight many times I realised it didn’t make a difference. I still didn’t like my body. I was always able to find something to hate, even at my skinniest.

It took me a long time to realise that this work has to start on the inside. I had always convinced myself that I should just diet then sort out the rest (my relationship with food and loving my body) later, when I was skinny. But as I’m sure you can predict, it never worked out that way.

It wasn’t until I was really forced to look within that I understood just how important it was.

I was just coming out of a year long epic diet disguised as a detox. I was the smallest I had ever been. But as a diet would have it, I gained it all back and more, at the most rapid speed I had ever gained weight.

It was the most ashamed and embarrassed I had ever felt in my life. As a professional dancer at the time, it was devastating to know there would be no chance of me getting work at that size. But I’d had enough. I couldn’t face going on another diet! So at my heaviest of all time, I made a promise to myself that I would never diet again.


If you’ve been down the diet track one too many times, you know they don’t work.


But knowing they don’t work isn’t enough. When you’ve been dieting for years you feel more comfortable on a diet than off one. It seems safe to live by a set of rules, even if they are restrictive and stressful.


It’s not until you start to change your mindset around dieting that you can really live without them.


If you are sick of dieting, if you can’t face doing another get skinny cleanse or if you’re tired of having the same New Years weight loss resolution, maybe it’s time for a mind makeover?

One of my favourite way to start rewiring thought patterns it with positive affirmations. 

An affirmation is simply a short statement that you repeat, aimed to affect the conscious and the subconscious mind. 

Now if you’re thinking this is all a bit woo woo, look at it this way, you are constantly affirmation all day long. Every time you say “I am…” you are affirming.

I am tired.

I am not good enough.

I am too fat.

Whatever you believe about yourself you become. Your beliefs affect your actions and the way you treat yourself. 

So by purposely repeating positive affirmations to yourself you are creating new beliefs, you will start treating yourself differently.


Instead of another stress inducing diet, come and join me for a #newyearmindmakeover !


Every morning for the rest of January on I’ll be sharing a new positive affirmation on Instagram and Facebook

They are all geared towards helping you let go of the diet mentality, make friends with food, trust your body, accept your body, love your body and feel confident in your own skin – just as you are right now.

To give you an idea, here is one of the affirmations:




All you have to do is repeat the affirmation to yourself 3 times (or more) in a row, morning and night (I do it while brushing my teeth). 

It might feel weird at first. You’re inner critic is probably going to run wild and convince you how silly you are for even thinking it could be true – that is completely normal. Just gently shut the door on that voice and continue. You will eventually start to believe the words you’re speaking.

So hop over to Instagram and the JS Facebook page and keep an eye out each day for a new affirmation!

And if you know someone who would love a #newyearmindmakeover too, share it with them!




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