7 Ways To Feel Lighter Without Dieting

A common complaint I hear from women is “I feel really heavy.”

They want to feel lighter, bouncy and good in their skin. Who doesn’t?!

A common misconception to follow is that you have to diet to lose weight to feel lighter. 

I am 100% on board with making adjustments to your daily eating, changes that are maintainable in the long term and will elevate your health. But I’m certainly not about restrictive, controlled and fearful eating as a means to drop some kilos. (…Anymore)

I’m here to tell you that the very thing you think you’ll get after you lose weight (which for the point of what we’re discussing today would be to feel lighter), you can get, have and feel now

I have restricted, controlled and stressed my way into weightloss multiple times in the past and it didn’t result in a feeling of lightness. I may have been physically lighter but I felt heavier than ever. Constantly stressed about food, fear of gaining weight back and generally feeling stuck. 

So let’s go after what we think we’ll get from losing weight, now! There is no reason why you can’t have that light feeling right now.

Here are 8 ways to feel lighter without dieting.

:: Declutter

This is probably my favourite word of all time. I say it on a regular basis with a sparkle in my eye “Let’s declutter!”. 

The reason I get so excited is because it feels amazing. When you clear out the crap in your environment it instantly creates a sense of calm and relaxation. I’m sure you’ve felt it before. 

Is it time to clear out the crap? 

Get rid of old clothes you don’t wear (do it!), old notebooks or paperwork you know you don’t need, clean out your fridge etc.

Then tell me you don’t feel lighter!

:: Get a haircut

It doesn’t matter if you have long hair, short hair, thick hair or fine hair, a hair cut always make you feel lighter and refreshed. 

You don’t need to have all of your hair cut off to feel lighter either, I pretty much only get a trim each time I go and I feel lighter every single time. 

:: Vacuum your car

How GOOD does it feel when you step into a clean, fresh car?!

:: Get outside

It’s easy to get caught up in your head and start stressing about things. But getting outside always grounds me and gives me the feeling that I can just let out a big sigh of relief and come back down to earth. 

I feel my monkey mind calm the feeling of lightness begins to appear. 

:: Journal

Put pen to paper and write your little heart out. What should you write?

Start by writing about how you’re feeling, ideas you have or dreams, how you’re feeling. You’ll know what to do when your pen hits the paper. And you’ll be amazed at the mental clear out you’ll feel.  

:: Choose positive

Negative thoughts weigh us down big time. Step into your power and make the decision to see the positive side of things. It takes practise but you can do it!

:: Play!

Lighten up, literally! Have fun, go and play. Have a giggle with your girlfriends. Move your body. Get creative. Let your inner kid come out. 

Now, pick one of these things and do it today! Let me know in the comments which one it is. 

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