4 Reasons why you should NEVER step on a scale again.


When I was working on cruise ships as a dancer we use to have weekly weigh-ins. 

At the beginning of every cruise (right before our safety boat drill with the passengers) we’d meet our dance captain in our dressing room and jump on the scales one at a time. Our weight would be recorded and then we’d be on our way.

It was in our contract to remain the same weight throughout our time on board from when we were hired. It’s fair enough. We were dancers, we had costumes fitted for us, we were expected to be in good shape. We couldn’t go dramatically changing.

I already knew how much looking at the scales affected me. It could determine if it was going to be a good or bad day. I would kid myself and say ‘Today I’m not going to look.’ But I could never resist and always had to peek down.

I use to meet Tom after weigh-ins so we could walk to boat drill together and he would dread it. Because every time I saw him I’d have tears in my eyes. I had either gained a pound, two pounds, or just not lost anything. Nothing was ever good enough no matter what number appeared.

When I finished my time on sea I said to myself ‘I AM NEVER WEIGHING MYSELF AGAIN.’

And I didn’t for many years. But then one day I thought, what’s the harm? I’m interested to know.

Bad decision.

All of these old feelings came flooding back in. It is now so obvious to me that I was always going to find a way to be unhappy with the number, so for my own sanity I remain off the scales.

Here are 4 reasons why you should never step on the scales again either:

It’s not accurate:

Water retention, time of the month, food and beverage intake, needing a poo (seriously!) all affect the number on the scales and can cause big fluctuations. A fluctuation doesn’t represent how much weight you’ve gained. But when you see the number go up by 2 kilos it definitely has you thinking that.

It’s likely to make you unhappy NO MATTER WHAT:

If you are anything like me the scale will rarely, if ever, make you happy. Even when I was at my lowest weight ever I was always disappointed. I could be feeling great about myself one day, appreciating my clear skin, having a great hair day and feeling good in my clothes, but if I was then to jump on a scale and be disappointed with the number (highly likely) it would instantly turn into a bad day, all of those good feelings I had just had before would go out the window and I’d feel like crap. Madness I tell ya!

It doesn’t measure health:

The scale tells you one thing, how much you weigh. It doesn’t tell you how healthy you are. Do you want to weigh less? Sure! Cut you food intake by half, exercise twice a day 7 days a week. You will weigh less… but will you look and feel happy and healthy? Will your skin glow and your hair shine? Or will you look, tired, unhappy, under fed and over exercised? The scale can’t tell you that. 

It’s got your power:

When you continually weigh yourself, you’re handing over your power to a number on a dial. You; a limitless eternal being, are putting all of your power in a number. It’s actually crazy when you think about it! So don’t put all your power in one little, insignificant number. Your worthiness doesn’t depend on it.

Over to you my love. Are you still weighing yourself on a scale? Leave me a comment below and tell me one reason why you don’t want to let it go. Let’s sort this out!

2 thoughts on “4 Reasons why you should NEVER step on a scale again.

  1. Hi! For me, I like the scale, but I do totally agree that it can affect the way you feel about yourself for the day, and that’s silly. I think that if people are going to use scales they definitely need to be aware of fluctuations and the fact that weight isn’t the only indication of health. For me though, I know the weight at which I look too skinny, good, starting to get chubby, etc. Right now I’m trying to lose 10kg and the scale is a good motivator to me. The difference between 70 and 60kg on a scale does reflect a change in shape so to me it’s relevant. I stopped weighing myself for a few months and then one day I hopped on and I’d put on 3kg – which is a lot for my frame… And it wasn’t an anomaly, as I weighted the same for a week on a row. So for me, the scale is a helpful indicator for when I might be starting to let things slide in the health stakes.

    • Hi Alex, it sounds like you are level headed when it comes to the scales which is awesome!

      One thing I’ve learnt is that being more tight and toned means that the number on the scale might not shift as much, and if we are just focused on a number goal it might not be a true indication of just how great our shape is and then we feel like we’ve failed.

      Thank you for your input, beauty. I hope you reach your goal and love yourself all the while your aiming for it. Xo

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