How To Clear Overeating Anxiety in 7 Minutes

I talk about this a fair bit on Instagram: I’m sensitive af.  I remember when I found out Highly Sensitive Person was an actual term. I said to some of my family members: I think that’s me! Without any words their faces said: it’s-so-obvious-it’s-bizarre-you’re-only-just-realising-this-now.  So I’ve accumulated a few supportive strategies over the years. One … READ MORE

What To Do When A Photo Triggers You

  Remember the first time you looked back at a photo of yourself from years before and thought: “Wtaf was I thinking? Why was I so hard on myself?! I LOOK FINE” And then the next thought flashes on in: “Is it because I look worse now? Do I just think this photo is better … READ MORE

The Magic Skill That Women Need To STOP Using

  I was recently on school camp. (Now that’s something you didn’t expected to read, right?! I’m currently working part time in a primary school and I went along to assist on the year 5 camp.)   Usually these days I’m pretty flexible with travelling and food. I’m okay with being put into situations where … READ MORE

The Secret to Becoming a Normal Eater :: Part Two

  If you missed part one, check it out here first. Normal eaters: they understand subconsciously that they are allowed all foods. It doesn’t mean they eat all the food. They just know they’re allowed to. What might appear to be superhuman willpower, is actually them not even trying at all. They can stop halfway through … READ MORE

My Number One Tip To Feel Back In Control Around Food

  It’s really interesting creating content and sharing it online for everyone to see. You can never fully anticipate what people will resonate with or find interesting and helpful until you hit publish. In saying that, I know for sure that what I’m going to talk about here right now always(!) gets such a powerful response. A light bulb … READ MORE

4 Reasons Why Weight Loss as a Resolution Sucks

  I think it goes without saying that I’m not really into weight loss as a new year’s resolution. I don’t think it’s “wrong” as such, I just know it doesn’t serve a lot of people.  Sure, the idea of going on a diet and really committing to weight loss gives you a bit of a rush. … READ MORE

7 Must Do’s For More Self Control Around Sweets

Oh sugar. You love to torment us, don’t you!  I know the frustrating feeling. You try your absolute best to eat well and stay in control, yet somehow it still manages to have a hold on you. It haunts you via the cookies in your cupboard, the chocolate at the supermarket checkout and the birthday cake in your … READ MORE

How to Stop Being “All or Nothing” Around Food

There has been a common thread in the recent conversations I’ve had with clients (and people in general) about their biggest challenge with food… The all or nothing mentality. Being really good or really bad. Feeling restrictive or rebellious. I know for sure that if you feel stuck in this cycle all. you. want. is … READ MORE

The Real Diet Story (My Before & After Photos)

  Let it be known, that still to this day, I will look at before and after photos of women and for a moment think WOW! I wonder what she did to lose that weight?!   Yep. This diet ditching, body positive, food freedom girl still gets sucked in by the marketing that is before and … READ MORE

A Different Kind of New Year Makeover

From where I stood a few years ago, having a good relationship with food seemed like an impossible dream. I never thought I would be able to describe myself as a natural, relaxed eater, like I do today. And the idea of ever liking my body? Pfft! That seemed way too far fetched. I thought … READ MORE

If You’re Stressing About Overeating This Christmas…

You may or may not agree with me on this, but I believe it’s nearly impossible to not overeat during the silly season. With the amount of Christmas parties, family gatherings and social outings, how could it not be?! The thing is the more you try and control yourself around food the more you’re actually setting yourself up … READ MORE

If You’ve Ever Been Tempted to do One Last Diet…

Deep down we all know diets don’t work. But that doesn’t mean those sneaky tempting diet thoughts don’t creep in from time to time. I mean diets promise us so much, right? It’ll be easy, you’ll get fast results, you’ll be more confident, you’ll be happy.  A couple of years ago when I gained a … READ MORE

It’s not your willpower, it’s your rules

  “I need more willpower!” Have you ever said that to yourself? Well I’m going to stop you right there: You don’t.  More willpower isn’t the answer to curing emotional eating, binge eating or overeating. It doesn’t help you regain your sanity around food.  You might look at someone who you consider to be a … READ MORE