It’s not your willpower, it’s your rules


  “I need more willpower!” Have you ever said that to yourself? Well I’m going to stop you right there: You don’t.  More willpower isn’t the answer to curing emotional eating, binge eating or overeating. It doesn’t help you regain your sanity around food.  You might look at someone who

The BIGGEST lie on the planet


  Diets are seductive. Fact. No matter how much you already know that, diets still have a sneaky way of drawing you in. They entice you with their too-good-to-be-true promises and all of a sudden you find yourself writing down your new eating plan and fantasising about how great life will be when you’re a

There’s no such thing as bad food


For as long as I can remember, I would describe most food as either good or bad. That’s pretty normal right? So I thought, until one day my bestie caught me out. She said: Stop. It’s just food, stop saying good food bad food.I couldn’t quite get my mind around defining food

3 things I learnt from gaining 15kgs

jess tea kitchen

You might not be aware of how this whole thing happened. This body love, peaceful eating passion of mine.  For many years I attempted to control my weight through radical diets and extreme detoxing. My motivation was ‘get skinny to get dancing work”. My passion was dancing from a young