7 Must Do’s For More Self Control Around Sweets

Oh sugar. You love to torment us, don’t you!  I know the frustrating feeling. You try your absolute best to eat well and stay in control, yet somehow it still manages to have a hold on you. It haunts you via the cookies in your cupboard, the chocolate at the supermarket checkout and the birthday cake in your […]

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How to Stop Being “All or Nothing” Around Food

There has been a common thread in the recent conversations I’ve had with clients (and people in general) about their biggest challenge with food… The all or nothing mentality. Being really good or really bad. Feeling restrictive or rebellious. I know for sure that if you feel stuck in this cycle all. you. want. is […]

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The Real Diet Story (My Before & After Photos)

  Let it be known, that still to this day, I will look at before and after photos of women and for a moment think WOW! I wonder what she did to lose that weight?!   Yep. This diet ditching, body positive, food freedom girl still gets sucked in by the marketing that is before and […]

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A Different Kind of New Year Makeover

From where I stood a few years ago, having a good relationship with food seemed like an impossible dream. I never thought I would be able to describe myself as a natural, relaxed eater, like I do today. And the idea of ever liking my body? Pfft! That seemed way too far fetched. I thought […]

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If You’re Stressing About Overeating This Christmas…

You may or may not agree with me on this, but I believe it’s nearly impossible to not overeat during the silly season. With the amount of Christmas parties, family gatherings and social outings, how could it not be?! The thing is the more you try and control yourself around food the more you’re actually setting yourself up […]

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